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SAFETY for ourselves as well as others, is C.R.I's priority.
Recognition and evaluation of possible risks are part of our main activities. As guidance, the VCA** and IRATA-guidelines are used, as they have proven their efficiency in positive accident statistics.
When compared to other industries, the Incident and Accident Frequency of Irata-members are markedly lower.
Through permanent evaluation of our tasks, quality and safety are guaranteed towards our clients.

All C.R.I.- employees have a personal VCA- certificate and have obtained an IRATA-diploma.
C.R.I.'s internal procedures entail all possible working situations such as hot work , work in enclosed areas, working with specific equipment, explosive areas etc. These procedures are taught through internal training.
C.R.I. is certificated by the VCA Petrochemie quality and safety system and is member of irata as operator – trainer.

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